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Couldn't have been happier with the outcome of the interior painting done by Dave and his crew. First, his great bid mixed with a general vibe from him made him the obvious choice for the job.
After we hired him, the meticulous nature which marked the entire job became quickly apparent. Within an hour, the paint for the entire job was sitting in our garage. We left for vacation with the painting to be done while we were gone. When we got back, couldn't have been more pleased. The work on the walls was fantastic, but with work like painting the devil is in the details. The detail work is where he really shines. The line between the white ceilings and the colored walls? Perfect. The floorboards were incredibly sharp, the coating was even and solid, the lines, again, perfect.
As a side note, Dave was incredibly easy to work with. Happy to discuss any ideas, but not one of those guys who is overbearing with his suggestions. His goal was to make sure the house met our needs and his standard for excellence which exceeds mine (though I guess now mine have expanded).
John K.
Phoenix, AZ

This is it if you need a FANTASTIC painter. David is terrific. I have an all white salon environment and we are a color studio. Yeah, not a good combo. But after meeting David I will never worry about keeping our studio looking fresh and white.
We had some major plumbing remodeling to do. The plumber tore up my beautiful walls pretty badly. The holes were big and we needed to be open for business the next day.
David came running right away. The patches were up and since the weather was warm they dried pretty quick. David lightly sanded and then painted. The new shampoo lounge looks beautiful. Clean and bright, it takes talent and an eye for detail to please me. The texture matches perfectly.
I you are looking for a painter who works clean, is prompt, talented and courteous, This is your guy. I need to mention too, that , for the quality of his work David is very fairly priced. I may pick out a new shade of orange for the living room at home!
Lauren H.
Phoenix, AZ

David was awesome!  He painted our new townhouse.  He did all the walls in 3 bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen and our half bath all in about a week!  We had about 9 different colors total for various rooms and accent walls.  I had gotten samples of all the colors and he matched them exactly.  We even have some leftover paint for touch ups.  He did a great job and at a really decent price.  He is a very nice guy and easy to work with.  I would highly recommend him.
Katie C.
Phoenix, AZ

David painted our nursery, which included many stripes on one wall. I know this kind of work requires patience and precision, which he had. The stripes are even/straight and lid lines are cut in well.  David was easy to communicate with and we are 100% satisfied with the work he did in our home. I felt his rate was reasonable for what we were asking of him, as well as he did the job within 4 days from when I first reached out to him (which is a huge plus to us, that we didnt have to wait weeks to get scheduled)  I would highly recommend him! Thank you!
Phoenix, AZ

My husband and I installed textured wall tiles as an accent wall for our living room. The wall tiles are made of recycled sugar cane and are similar to a paper cardboard like consistency. They came with extremely specific instructions on how to paint them. As DIY'ers we were planning on renting a sprayer to paint it ourselves, but then chickened out, as we were afraid it would turn into a hot mess.
We then looked to Yelp, the first person we talked to didn't want to do it unless we paid an exorbitant amount. Then we spoke with David who gladly took on the job at a reasonable price. My husband was in constant communication with him, and explained that this was a somewhat odd job due to the material involved. David was very helpful in advising us on what paint and primer to purchase. The work came out perfect and we're beyond happy with the results. I would highly recommend AAA Painters.
Britt C.
Phoenix, AZ
Elite ’14

David is a stand up guy. We called around to different painters and got quotes. David came out to be the cheapest based on the high quality paint he was using. He came to our house so we could meet him and showed him exactly what parts of the interior of our house needed to be painted.  We were not completely sure about the color for a few rooms and he went to the paint store and got us color samples to put on the wall for us the next day. That was really going above and beyond.
Once we decided on the colors, we set up a time for him and his crew to come in and paint. With my wife and I both working professionals so we left him a key to the house and David and his crew came in and painted everything we needed in 3 days. It took a lot trust to let David into our home while we were not there but he guaranteed that nothing would happen. At the end of their three days of painting we did a final walk-through and there were a few minor things that needed to be touched up.  David and his crew did touch up everything as he wants to make sure every detail is perfect so his customers are satisfied. Need less to say, we were very satisfied.
Also, i never communicated with him via email but he was very responsive via the phone. So that would be the best route to contact him from my experience.
I would use him again and recommend him to friends and family.
Mark A.
Phoenix, AZ

David and his team painted our nearly 8,000 square foot commercial building and did a great job.  They did great work prepping the walls before paint to fix chips in the drywall and also re-textured a hallway that previously had wallpaper.  From start to finish, they did great work and we're very pleased with the result.  Thanks David!
Ted B.
Glendale, AZ

David is the MAN! He is awesome, professional, and did a fabulous job. What else would you want in a painter? I had David refurbish/paint an old Vintage dresser. He helped me select a white linen paint and his expertise went a long way! The dresser came out looking retro, clean, and fresh. It was exactly what I wanted. He is also very reasonably priced. All the other quotes I received were over $300 more than what David charged. He is also cool to chat with and is trustworthy. Pretty much as good as it gets!
Alexandria M.
Kansas City, MO

I recently had an interior paint job of bedrooms, bathrooms, trim, and touch up done through a competitor.  The price seemed to float higher and higher, even though I thought we had reached an agreement on the work to be done.  Needless to say, it left a bad taste in my mouth and some of the touch up looked terrible. 
I called David and he was incredibly helpful and sympathetic to my situation.  I bought a couple of gallons of paint and he made the most of the situation on a limited budget.  The house now looks fabulous and I will not hesitate to use him again!
Thanks David!
Joel F.
Chandler, AZ

I found David through Yelp, so I think it only fair I review him here now that the job is done. I got a quote from another painter, and David did the job for about 2/3 of that price. It was a relatively large job; two bedrooms, two living room areas, the hallway, master bedroom and bathroom. Everything looks really great. Of course the guys made a bit of a mess, but before they packed up, he made sure all the little spills were cleaned up and the baseboards and trims were touched up as well. He was even nice enough to paint the inside of a bathroom door that was showing damge/wear that was not even part of the job. I appreciate the attention to detail and the great value I got for my money. I would recommend AAA Painters to anyone looking for a job well done at a very reasonable price.
Jessica M.
Goodyear, AZ

We had our entire house (walls, ceiling, trim, garage, etc etc) painted by AAA Painters and couldn't be happier. The outcome was totally amazing. The quality of the work was impeccable. David was easy to reach, always on time, took extra care to touch up the small details even we had overlooked, and completed the project on time. He even picked out and installed new door stoppers that matched our hinges to protect the new paint job. Also, there was no mess left behind, just the leftover cans of paint if we ever need to touch up a scuff. The $ bid was extremely competitive. Couldn't recommend highly enough... happy painting!
Lindsey K.
Phoenix, AZ

I couldn't be happier with the service provided by AAA painters. Dave got the job done in record time and it looks lovely! The quality work was amazing. He was professional, friendly and willing to work as far as a meetup time went. He returned all phone calls, emails and text. Couldn't recommend more!!!!
Laura S.
Glendale, AZ

David was professional and punctual. He had very competitive prices, and he did an amazing job. He matched colors for us and painted two bedrooms that had been completely butchered by the previous home owners. You would never know looking at it now! He even went the extra mile and fixed the overage paint on the ceilings in the other rooms as well.  I will definitely refer friends and family to him!
Jenn M.
Gilbert, AZ

I used AAA Painters to paint the exterior of my home recently.  David and his crew did a great job.  Their prep work was impressive.  They even fixed a number of drywall cracks we had before priming and painting.  They finished earlier than expected and I am completely satisfied with the workmanship.
Alan C.
Phoenix, AZ

We are very happy with the work that David and his crew performed.  They the entire interior of our new house over a five day period, they were very fast, attentive to detail and priced fairly.  What impressed me most though is that David and his crew were very prompt, having worked with contractors in the past, when I spoke with David on a Sunday night and he told me his crew would be at the house Monday morning, I was somewhat skeptical.  Sure enough, I showed up mid-day Monday and the crew had already made it through our entire first floor taping and edging....very impressive.  I would recommend David without reservation to other fellow Yelpers.
Adam T.
Scottsdale, AZ

I can't rave enough about David. I called him on a Friday morning and told him I needed a few accent walls painted the very same day, since I had movers bringing in my stuff the next day. He instantly agreed. He arrived promptly at the time he said he would .. worked with me on selecting the colors (yes, I had not decided on my colors but had a general idea of what I wanted). I was looking to paint accent walls in my living room and bedroom so we selected two colors. As it turns out, the color that we had selected for the bedroom did not actually turn the way we had seen and envisioned (which David was very quick to point out as well). He was prompt to offer that I did not have to go through with it if I did not like the color anymore !!! which is exactly what I did. On the other hand, the color for the living room turned out to be exactly what we had seen it would be !!! And what a job did he do !!
For someone who recently moved to Phoenix and did not know anybody, Yelp came to rescue and I am glad I hired David for the job !!! Call him for any paint jobs. You will not be disappointed. Thank you very much, David !!!
Pratul C.
Phoenix, AZ

I was remodeling on a tight budget and trying to do as much as I could by myself, including painting. I have cathedral (high vaulted) ceilings, however, and after doing one coat of primer, it became clear that I needed help to finish the ceilings. I called David and he listened to what I needed and worked with my budget. He came out that day to look at my townhouse and gave me a great bid. He made himself available to do the work asap, he showed up on time and did a great job blending the ceilings with the rest of the paint. He even went the extra mile and sprayed a layer of white in my closets for no extra charge. David was a lifesaver: great customer service, great work and very reasonable prices.
Mandy K.
Phoenix, AZ

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